Shabby Chic

There’s such a thing as southern shabby chic. Growing up in Louisiana, I was surrounded by it. In my world, shabby chic included beautiful old furniture that had that “loved look." It meant we enjoyed what had been lovingly handed down through the generations, including Nana’s mahogany dining table that had a cigarette burn (or …

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Better Late Than Never

Growing up in my family, if you weren’t ten minutes early, you were late. I often heard the phrase, “Hurry up to wait.” This meant we’d all be running around like crazy to get ready, only to gather together to then wait for the event to start or for the time to come when we …

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Click, the phone went dead. When Steve and I lived in Singapore the first time, long-distance calls were still made from one landline to another landline. Gramarie and I talked long distance via a landline. Gramarie always has interesting stories to tell and relevant news to share. She is a wonderful conversationalist – her gift …

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