Gramarie’s Generosity

Gramarie’s generosity knows no bounds. She’s generous with her time, her laughter, and her love. She appreciates other’s talents and finds ways to incorporate them into special situations. And she shares the best of what she has with anyone who’s willing to receive what she gives.

I’ll never forget the time I arrived at her house, with the kids in tow, for our two-week summer visit. On the kitchen counter, where I could see them right when I walked in, were her credit card and cars keys. Now, I’m sure you know Gramarie well enough by now to know she would not drive just any kind of car. She always has a sporty-style car. This one happened to be the Audi TT. (I know, right!)

After big hugs all around, Gramaire told me her car keys and credit card were for me to use. Hmmmm, what did that mean? I was flabbergasted! We would visit many family and friends each summer when we came home from Singapore, and this was the first (and only time) I’d been offered car keys and a credit card. I mean, who does that? Gramarie does!

So, I left them there until the next day and then asked what I was supposed to do with them. Gramarie said I could use the car if and when I needed it. And, that she wanted me to use the credit card at the local wine shop to get a few bottles for us to enjoy during the next few weeks.

Gramarie has always appreciated my taste in wine, knowing that my family spent time in Napa and that I have a palate for the “good stuff.” Sweet thing that she is, she wanted me to choose what I liked, knowing that if I liked it, most probably she and others would like it, too. I love knowing she trusts my taste and that she wants to use my knowledge, even though I don’t have formal training. She appreciates that I appreciate good food, good wine, and good company! She takes what’s good about me and incorporates that into what’s important to her. I love that she does not feel jealous, but rather embraces and learns about what she doesn’t know. This creates a true connection with me and others and demonstrates her desire to expand her knowledge.

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