Boat Hair

Gramarie gets her hair done every Monday and Thursday at noon. It is a simple wash and blow dry that takes about thirty minutes; forty minutes is she gets a little trim. It costs about $25 – small town pricing at its best!


With every hair in place, Gramarie is always ready for the next activity. She and Phil live on an inland lake. They love puttering around the lake on the pontoon boat. With two active sons, they also had a speed boat. Now that their sons are grown with children of their own, they still have a speedboat for the grandchildren to enjoy. My three kids spent summers learning to water ski and wakeboard behind the boat on Silver Lake.


I did not grow up near water and I do not know how to drive a boat. In Michigan, a person can get their boating license at age 12. After taking the boating education course and passing the exam, the pre-teen can operate a boat under the direct supervision of someone who is older than 16-years-old. The summer came when my oldest, Philip, turned 12. At that time, the boating education course was a week-long course taught in the classroom. We found a nearby class and Philip and Gramarie promptly signed up. Even though Gramarie had been driving the speedboat for decades, she wanted to refresh her knowledge and make sure she knew all the latest rules, regulations, and safety protocols. For one week, we drove 45 minutes every day to the boating education building. Gramarie and Philip learned the material and passed the exam with flying colors. They were ready to hit the lake!


It was so much fun to climb in the boat for Philip’s inaugural speedboat ride around Silver Lake. With Gramarie at his side and the rest of us sitting comfortably on the bench seats behind him, Philip did a great job driving the boat. That first weekend after the class, we were in the boat more than we were out of it. Monday came around and we all woke up leisurely, as we did on those long summer days. Gramarie, of course, headed out just before noon to get her hair done.  As soon as she came back, with her hair freshly-styled, without thinking, we all started clamoring to head out for a boat ride! Did Gramarie say anything about her hair? Was that what was important? In true Gramarie fashion, of course not! Without hesitation, she hopped in the boat and we sped around the lake. Boat-hair Gramarie was born!

3 thoughts on “Boat Hair

  1. Mary

    These are lovely stories, Caroline! My mother-in-law has always wanted to see where we “lay our heads” too, as has my mother. Todd and I are blessed that our mothers are also good friends. They have even traveled together to visit us and have their own adventures!

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  2. Cathy

    And to think, millions of women spend good money on “sea salt” hairsprays meant to capture that boat hair look. Granmarie started a trend!


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