Gifts from my Mother-in-Law


Marie, or Gramarie as she has been known to us since our first son was born, is my mother-in-law. I am honored to be writing about her this Mother’s Day, because I am who I am because of her.


I am thankful for all the people in my life – those whom I’ve chosen to have in my life and those whom I haven’t. Each of them is an example for me. Some set examples of what I want to be like and others don’t. If I didn’t have the latter group, I might end up like them! Thankfully, because of Gramarie, I have a wonderful example and am inspired to be the best version of myself!


Several months ago, as I was thinking about giving Gramarie a meaningful gift, my mind turned to jewelry. I love beautiful jewelry! Of course, she does, too! And she knows good jewelry, because her husband Phil and brother-in-law Ray owned and operated their own furniture and jewelry store for 52 years. Considering what I wanted her to have, I remembered David Yurman has lovely bracelets that come in all sizes and colors. The thought popped into my head – I would give her a bracelet, but I would also give a version of the bracelet to myself and my daughter. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we would each have the size that matched our generation. Gramarie would have the biggest; I would have the medium size; and my daughter would have the smallest.


This idea worked out perfectly! Gramarie’s birthday is first in the order of our three birthdays. Despite living in separate cities, we were fortunate enough to be together last fall during our birthday month. I was able to see her eyes light up as she unwrapped the box and lifted the top. She immediately put on her pearl bracelet and now wears it almost daily! My daughter and I also wear ours as frequently. Every time I put mine on, I think of the connection I have with the woman who has changed my life. It inspires me to affect my daughter’s life in the same profoundly positive way!


Oh, and remember how I said Gramarie likes jewelry as much as I do? In her true fashion, she said next birthday, it was HER turn to give the next set of three DY bracelets, asking what color we wanted that would match our first pearl set! That kind of generous thinking comes so naturally from her.

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