Better Late Than Never

Growing up in my family, if you weren’t ten minutes early, you were late. I often heard the phrase, “Hurry up to wait.” This meant we’d all be running around like crazy to get ready, only to gather together to then wait for the event to start or for the time to come when we were actually supposed to leave. If you weren’t ready early and everybody else was, you could get left behind or, at the very least, be left out of the pre-event photo – even if it was ten minutes ahead of time! This sense of time might have something to do with my German heritage.

When I met my husband and started spending time with his family, there was never any waiting around. Nobody is early. For anything. For any reason. If they aren’t ten minutes late, they are early! This took me a while to get used to, but now I’ve learned time is more fluid than I thought. This sense of time might have something to do with his Lebanese heritage.

Gramarie did not know I was going to launch my blog this Mother’s Day. She has, of course, heard me say over the years, “I’m going to write the book, ‘Why I Love my Mother-in-Law,’” to which she’d chuckle and smile. I tell you this, because the Mother’s Day card I received the day AFTER Mother’s Day could not have been sent in response to the launch of this blog. I am so thankful for the mutual love Gramarie and I have for each other. And, I am thankful she so sweetly expresses her love for me and all the many, many people in her life. I know she is adored and admired by so many, because her cheerful greetings and warm hugs lets them know how much she genuinely cares for them, with no holdover judgement of what has been or scorn from the past. She is in the present with the person she is with. And, she thinks of others, no matter if they are near or far.

I share my Mother’s Day card from her to me this Mother’s Day. I know you’ll agree, it is wonderful to have received this better late than never!



One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Megan Sheehan-Sindelar

    Every year I had a child, Marie would send delightful embroidered towels for each of them. They are a little bit older now and the towels are worn, but I thought of her when I was cleaning the house and said to myself, what a thoughtful and delightful and classy person to each year I had a child that she would send such wonderful things for them.

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