Celebrate the Day

Celebrating a holiday with Gramarie is always a fun occasion. I don’t know how she does it, but she remains calm, unflustered, and cheerful all throughout the day. We have been fortunate enough to spend several Thanksgivings, Christmases, and Fourths of July together. Now that I think about it, though, I don’t know if, in all these years, we have ever spent an Easter together!

Gramarie has set the precedent that we celebrate the holiday when we are together, whether it is the actual day or not. Just this past Christmas, we were supposed to be in Michigan for Christmas Day. Unfortunately, a family member had a non life-threatening medical emergency, which required us to stay with them for a few more days. Even though we were not able to arrive at Gramarie’s in time for Christmas, we did arrive December 27th. You would have thought it was Christmas Eve! The Christmas carols were playing, stockings were hung on the fireplace mantle, a beautiful table in the dining room was set, and hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows was ready to be poured into Christmas mugs!

We had a wonderful evening catching up and getting ready for “Christmas,” which, for us, would be Thursday, December 28th. Sure enough, the next morning, we woke up to filled stockings, presents under the tree, and merriment all around. We had our traditional eggnog, breakfast casserole, and sweet, sticky, cinnamon-y Monkey Bread. (Gramarie had asked for a shopping list before I arrived, so I could make these expected favorites, which we eat every Christmas morning.)

After a fun morning of Christmas cheer, we settled in to prepare our Christmas meal. It didn’t matter that is was Thursday and that Christmas had been Monday. To us, this day was Christmas! I remember thinking how fun it was to have the holiday last for so many days! How wonderful that Gramarie and Phil were not upset we couldn’t be there on THE day, as originally planned. How special it was they were able to and chose to “hold Christmas” until we arrived. What a fantastic memory we created on December 28, 2017. Years from now, I’m sure no one will remember the year Christmas was delayed, because rather than making a big deal about the delay, the big deal was made about having Christmas when we were finally all together.

As a result of this example and several others from previous years, when things didn’t necessarily go as planned or when we weren’t there on THE day, Gramarie tells me she’s always happy to celebrate the holiday on the day we are together. The memories we have of our holidays spent in each other’s company are such joyful ones, because we are celebrating what is important – being together! Note to self – in years to come when this situation inevitably happens to me, I have a gracious example to follow, set by Gramarie.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Day

  1. Barb

    HI Caroline
    The latest blog is very touching to me…. The reason I write is that my sister was my version of a Gramarie. As I read your blog its reminding me how amazing, gracious, generous and thoughtful some people can be. I hope we all have someone special in our lives. And I LOVE that you are taking your time to celebrate her incredible influence in your lives.

    My sister was a kid at heart and had a great sense of humor…. She loves rabbits. My husband surprised her and her friends at a book club meeting with bunny ears for everyone. She laughed SO hard, and her friends were delighted at the wacky visitor.

    Thanks for your blog. …the timing of your blog is especially poignant to me right now. Its a great as a reminder of how we should live.

    Give Gramarie a hug from me. 🙂


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