Lipstick and a Mirror

It is always interesting to see what a person’s back door leads into when entering a house. Back doors often open into a mud room, a laundry room, or the kitchen.

When I was growing up, the driveway of my childhood house originally led to a carport, which was around the back of the house. There was a screened-in porch next to the carport. Our original living and dining room was one long horizontal room running across the front right side of the house. This configuration made the dining room very small.

My parents liked to cook and “dine,” so, a couple of years after moving in, they decided to make a few changes. The back carport became a guest room and the screened-in porch got walls and sliding glass doors and became our formal dining room. From what I can remember, our back door originally opened into the screened-in porch. When my parents changed that into the dining room, the back door opened into a hallway that ran the length of the dining room.

When Gramarie and Phil moved into their house on the lake, they bought it from the builder. It was not finished, so Gramarie worked with him to personalize the interior. Her back door opens into a utility area, which she designed to have a coat closet, the washer and dryer, and a powder bathroom. Also, in the corner of this room between the dryer and the back door is a counter top with a drawer and a cabinet underneath. On the wall to the left of the door, at eyelevel, hangs a pretty 1ft x 2ft mirror. In the cabinet drawer is Gramarie’s collection of lipsticks.

Gramarie is generous, gregarious, and very family- and friend-oriented. She and Phil regularly go out for dinner, out to play cards with friends, out to church, and out to family gatherings. Over the years, Gramarie has gone to her weekly evening needlepoint class and her monthly Girls Night Out. A few years ago, she traded these activities for a monthly neighborhood Bookclub. Inevitably, whatever time of day she heads out to meet friends, family, or run errands, she stops, pulls open the drawer, selects a lipstick, and takes a step over to the mirror to apply her lipstick. How convenient? That’s Gramarie – a lovely lady with beauty AND brains!

Currently, the back door of my house leads from our garage into a light-filled home office/sitting room. Remembering the mirror Gramarie has hanging next to her back door, when Steve and I moved into our house, I bought a just-right-sized oval mirror and hung it by my back door. I don’t have the cabinet with a drawer holding my tubes of lipstick, but the mirror reminds me to check I have my lipstick on, ready to greet the world with a friendly smile. Thanks, Gramarie!


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