Why I Started This Blog

I am inspired by Gramarie, my mother-in-law. Because she is such a positive influence in my life, I have wanted to honor her by sharing her with all who don’t know her. For many years, I said I would write the book entitled Why I Love My Mother-in-Law. I wanted to dispel the myth about mothers-in-law, who often get a bad rap.

Instead of writing a book, I chose to write this blog, which has the same name as that oft-thought-about-but-not-yet-written-best-selling book. Spending time with Gramarie, I have learned life lessons of positive interaction, intentional graciousness, harmonious involvement, and strength of character. I am who I am today because of the influence she has had on my life. Our relationship is very special. It sets the example for all my other relationships.

My greatest hope is that this blog will forever change the reputation of mothers-in-law. We all have the opportunity to become a “Gramarie” for others in our lives. We can choose to nurture positive and engaging relationships that encourage others to become their best selves.

Join me! If you know Gramarie, share your stories. If you don’t know Gramarie, you will get to know her through the short memories I share. I invite you to share stories of your mother-in-law or the person with whom you share a special relationship and with whom you are truly your best self!